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We hope that the school website takes your interest and find what you want about the school and be a direct channel of communication with parents, students and the public to know more about school history and the latest school news.

 EgySwiss School

Chairman's Speech

mr sliman

The wisdom of creating the human is worshiping Allah and more by working hard in addition construction of earth, this will happen by searching, reading and learning that’s why we are grateful that we are one of the best people that have great civilization who loved to spread peace and to help others. Egypt had many famous scientists in different fields like physics, astronomy, geography, history, music and literature.

We had to know more about others` experiences in the education industry field as we became as a small village to have a generation who become proud of the past to have grandparents` morals and to learn different cultures, languages, moreover how to use modern technology and how to use it to communicate with others

Our school offers an academic rigorous, conceptual based curriculum through inquiry where students are constructivists of their own meaning and understanding. For this believe we established Egyswiss language school as our children will become leaders in the future therefore we will do our best to develop the education, morals and the administration as well and to collaborate with our partners ( parents ) as we trust Allah .

We only employ highly qualified and experienced teachers who are responsible for delivering the core subjects as well as being responsible for pastoral care through effective security system and provided morals curriculum for our students To provide and improve conditions in which our students can learn and acquire new skills to reinforce their self-dependence and confidence in facing today’s demanding and challenging world through the achievement of excellence in the quality of our educational system as well as enhancing our students’ academic and professional lives.

Finally, thanks for all and everyone who joined to EgySwiss language Schools and became one of our family; We are looking forward to helping our country, our beloved Egypt

Mr. Soliman Hadhoud    
Chairman of the board   
EgySwiss language Schools


EGYSWISS language Schools


Education for the Egyptian that has a great history and can communicate with others by accepting what`s new.
EgySwiss Language Schools aim to achieve its educational goals through establishing the concepts of the genius generation.



The word “READ” 

will develop a generation with awareness about how to find out more... 

Our responsibility is to teach him to read and learn to develop his skills
Learning is not for getting certificates; it is to improve the student‘s skills to cope with his society needs .Our education mission is full of joy and excitement. Our policy depends on pioneers` experiences in addition to our ideology and our ancient Egyptian history. We aim to a new effective educational strategy that guarantees the agreement of vision and reality.

Our vision cannot be successful without positive relationship and cooperation between home and school. So, we seek for achieving an effective and a valuable interaction with home.

The gift of creativity in art sports or in literature is granted not earned but it needs to be discovered by experts. We insist to be one of these experts as we believe that art with its branches and sports are the most important aspects for a better life
Read to learn.

Learning is not for getting certificates but to improve the student‘s skills to cope with his society needs.
Our education mission is full of joy and excitement.

Our policy depends on pioneers and experiences in addition to our ideology and our ancient Egyptian history . The effective educational method aims to have a student in keeping with life needs.

Our vision cannot be successful without a positive relationship and cooperation between home and school. Creativity is a gift, so the school aims to develop students’ imagination and creativity by offering a wide range of experiences.


EGYSWISS language Schools
History in Brief

The school was established in 1992 by Mr/ Muhammed El said Gamal El Dien under the name of El-Manar school. At that time, it was the first language school in Kafr El-Dawar city. A lot of generations have graduated from the schools as doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers, officers, consultants and lawyers and the rest of all specializations and fields.

Mr/ Soliman Hadhoud decided to purchase the school on the 29th January 2017. Starting from that date, the stage of the school development has started structural and architectural for 90 days of hard work, which has ended to that current shape.

The school name has changed into EgySwiss Language Schools. That change wasn't regarding the name and the structural part only, but also it has extended to the administrative, technical and marketing development through a group of experts which are famous of efficiency. Working has extended in parallel lines in the frame of an amazing symphony that produced the development of mental picture for the school and restructuring the educational and administrative cadre and adding new faces of leaders and teachers.

Moreover the furniture has been changed, the school's building was secured and the entry, exit entrance as well. New laboratories for computer and science and a new theatre were founded. Moreover we set up a new website to communicate with the parents. All these achievements lead to the increase of the student's numbers. We are honored to have such a classy parents and students in our school from Kafr El-Dawar and the East of Alexandria.

As a result our school became one of the best language schools in the area. Despite its small space, it became a jewellery that shines and lights its surroundings with education, creativity and ethics. We are really proud that our school has 25 years of history or more and has witnessed a lot of victories and failures. However, it came back again to live its youth by a group of people whom their experiences, dreams and cultural background were mingled together.

One of them dreams to transfer the experience of European education and others with their experience in the educational field, human resources and marketing. All of headed to just one direction which is success way, trying to overcome the obstacles just for offering a high educational and ethical service to have a very effective Egyptian citizen in his environment and country. Someone who gives and communicates with others and accepts what's new.

Why should you join

EgySwiss Language School?

  • Easy access to the school and it’s located outside the population area. Its proximity of Kafr El Dawar city and the east of Alexandria.
  • A coherent and cooperative board which has full flexibility to face and solve the problems continuously.
  • One of the best alternatives for parents according to the value with the service.
  • Respecting the competitors and cooperating with them to create a healthy, valuable and educational atmosphere.
  • Following up and evaluating all the negative aspects in addition to realizing the importance of communication with family.
  • Following the students’ performance in a scientific method to reveal any early imperfection.
  • Teaching ethics and how to deal at home, school and street.
  • Relying on modern teaching strategies and developing its curricula in a scientific and permanent method.
  • Encouraging and caring about the talented students to work and do better.
  • Relying on a permanent way to train the workers technically in addition to human development skills and how to communicate with the surroundings.
  • new leaders either in our school or another.
  • Trying to develop its performance gradually as we can.