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Why should you join

EgySwiss Language School?

  • Easy access to the school and it’s located outside the population area. Its proximity of Kafr El Dawar city and the east of Alexandria.
  • A coherent and cooperative board which has full flexibility to face and solve the problems continuously.
  • One of the best alternatives for parents according to the value with the service.
  • Respecting the competitors and cooperating with them to create a healthy, valuable and educational atmosphere.
  • Following up and evaluating all the negative aspects in addition to realizing the importance of communication with family.
  • Following the students’ performance in a scientific method to reveal any early imperfection.
  • Teaching ethics and how to deal at home, school and street.
  • Relying on modern teaching strategies and developing its curricula in a scientific and permanent method.
  • Encouraging and caring about the talented students to work and do better.
  • Relying on a permanent way to train the workers technically in addition to human development skills and how to communicate with the surroundings.
  • new leaders either in our school or another.
  • Trying to develop its performance gradually as we can.