EGYSWISS language Schools
Academic Education

EGYSWISS follows the international standards and the application of the latest educational methods, techniques and modern aids. The curriculum was not limited to the Ministry of Education. There was a committee for the development of education that seeks to search for the scientific material in its various format audio, video and written. This committee review to ensure its effectiveness before providing to our students.

Provide an opportunity for all students to conduct practical experiments and measuring skills to keep going on their development constantly to reduce the burden on the student in recieving information and make it easier for the parents to follow up.

The stages of academic education in the school were divided into three main stages:

  • Kindergarten stage.
  • Primary education.
  • Secondary education stage.

EGYSWISS's strategic plan has been developed for each educational stage, which is part of the overall vision of the school to lead the educational process in pursuit of the mission set by the school

"To train a generation of students with the necessary knowledge and behavioral skills
to lead the community in the future.".