Kindergarten Stage

First day the child could be separated from his family; his shelter but two teachers will welcome him as well In every class there are two teachers for teaching English, mathematics and science. One of them is main teacher and the other is assistant.

KindergartenStageAlso, there is a primary teacher for Arabic language and an assistant For this stage, a doctor and classroom with interesting pictures and bright colors. It contains modern teaching aids to attract the child with songs and aimed educational movies.

Kid's area with sponge ground. Books are filled with pictures, numbers and an exciting curriculum with high quality and professional curriculum based on entertainment to get high education.

The child will have many activities like art, music, physical education and Montessori session per week. In addition to a religion teacher, (Holly Quran- Bible). All of these with keeping an eye on your child, controlling with a permanent evaluation.

All classes were provided with cameras with effective leadership To sum up all of these, the school purposes in this stage which is the most important in personality development -Exciting and amusement learning by the teachers who are well-aware with the message.

Safe psychological, educational healthy and constructional environment. Learning English and Arabic languages by using the best books and permanent practicing for teachers.

Good manners with the religious bringing up for the children -learning with memorization under the auspices of different activities like art and sports which is one of the educational basics in this stage.

Protecting and supporting the psychology of child with the family awareness.

Offering services for the society to have good citizens in the future to help them to communicate with others and accept what's new.