Primary Stage

At this period the child will be finished his early childhood and will start his new level at primary stage therefore the child will gain more characteristics and know more about this world.

PrimaryStageThe child will have his special character in addition asking more, express his / her opinion and to have friendship with others In each of our classes, we always have a teacher and a teaching assistant available to ensure that the academic and social needs of your child are catered for. At the end of grade 6 our students will gain more skills as writing, reading and studying as well.

We care about morals so we help our students to learn more about it through curriculum that will be taught by professional teacher to help our students how to deal with others. We are interested in child`s talent like handcrafts, drawing and music in addition physical education that help our students to have self-confidence and it will effect on their lives in the future as we believe that this stage of life is significant to have important skills to have bright future.