Preparatory Stage

Student at this stage has a great mentality and has the ability for the educational achievement as well more about learning skills. relying on understanding, inference, analyzing and illustration, on the other hand this stage regarded as important and sensitive stage related to general behaviors, in addition to the importance of guidance behaviorally and social acting of the students to pick up good company and have perfect behavior and to be good citizen with responsibility moreover helping the students to look for information which support the curriculum.

PreparatoryStageEncouraging the student to practice more activities like arts and sports and how to use free time. The student will have the ability to manage his time and how to study well. Using smart programs by using modern technology to prepare the students for secondary stage in parallel with the plan of ministry of education. The student will be welcomed by respected experienced teachers as they are examples; in addition they are aware of the needs of this stage.

To sum up the objectives at this stage:

  • The student will be able to search and inference.
  • Using modern technology and use it for support the curriculum.
  • The ability to manage the time, studying and manage priorities.
  • Helping the students to understand all subjects through an accurate evaluation for the teachers and the students as well.
  • To be responsible citizen and loyal for his country at school, home and street.
  • To have good communication skills and positive arguments.
  • To instil noble values and principles.