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EGYSWISS language Schools
History in Brief

The school was established in 1992 by Mr/ under the name of El-Manar school. At that time, it was the first language school in Kafr El-Dawar city. A lot of generations have graduated from the schools as doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers, officers, consultants and lawyers and the rest of all specializations and fields.

Mr/ soliman Hadhoud decided to purchase the school on the 29th January 2017. Starting from that date, the stage of the school development has started structural and architectural for 90 days of hard work, which has ended to that current shape.

The school name has changed into EgySwiss Language Schools. That change wasn't regarding the name and the structural part only, but also it has extended to the administrative, technical and marketing development through a group of experts which are famous of efficiency. Working has extended in parallel lines in the frame of an amazing symphony that produced the development of mental picture for the school and restructuring the educational and administrative cadre and adding new faces of leaders and teachers.

Moreover the furniture has been changed, the school's building was secured and the entry, exit entrance as well. New laboratories for computer and science and a new theatre were founded. Moreover we set up a new website to communicate with the parents. All these achievements lead to the increase of the student's numbers. We are honored to have such a classy parents and students in our school from Kafr El-Dawar and the East of Alexandria.

As a result our school became one of the best language schools in the area. Despite its small space, it became a jewellery that shines and lights its surroundings with education, creativity and ethics. We are really proud that our school has 25 years of history or more and has witnessed a lot of victories and failures. However, it came back again to live its youth by a group of people whom their experiences, dreams and cultural background were mingled together.

One of them dreams to transfer the experience of European education and others with their experience in the educational field, human resources and marketing. All of headed to just one direction which is success way, trying to overcome the obstacles just for offering a high educational and ethical service to have a very effective Egyptian citizen in his environment and country. Someone who gives and communicates with others and accepts what's new.