EGYSWISS 2020 / 2021

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Among the thousands of schools spread in Egypt, EgySwiss language school, affiliated to Kafr El Dawar educational zone, one of the schools that we are honored to be present on the land of Behera governorate to provide a distinguished service to the student of Kafr El Dawar and East Alexandria which is supervised by a group of the best elements of the administrative and educational system.

We have started the academic year 2020/2021 quietly and behind this was a perfect preparation over the long summer months and we will list some of its features below:

1- All teachers have been trained on:

A- Zoom program

B- Office programs (Word – Excel – Power point)

C- Camtasia

D- Distance communication skills

2- A full explanation of all the curriculum for the new academic year was prepared using the previously mentioned training programs, and a digital library was prepared by our teachers, including all the curricula of the new academic year, in anticipation of any emergency.

3- More than one means of communication have been prepared to communicate with our dear students, and their parents.

For example,

A- WhatsApp group for each class.

B- Facebook group for each class.

C- Edmodo platform.

D- Specific phone numbers of our psychological and health support team.

All of this has been done in anticipation of an emergency. As these aids are ready to support our educational services effectively with all expectations in the future.

1- Running awareness campaigns for all the workers to learn how to deal with covid-19 and avoid it, and for more precautionary procedures to observe the disease and report with details accurately. Also, a list of students with a history of chronic disease has been compiled to give them a special care.

2- A student reception schedule has been set up in an organized manner to prevent overcrowding. The books have been delivered in one bag to avoid touching , so that the teachers could start working at the first hour without being busy handing out books as we believe in the importance of time .

Finally, you will find below some photos of the first days of the academic year 2020/2021

May God save our children from all evil.